Some innovative projects I initiated and lead, divided into 3 macro areas and sub-topics
Sustainability and smart cities
IoT, big data analysis, AI, adaptive algorithms, scalable distributed systems


  • Smart water management
    • Automatic real-time monitoring of water infrastructures
    • Early-warning and climate-change mitigation in drainage systems
    • Water quality monitoring in urban districts
  • Smart grids and energy-efficiency 
    • Automatic monitoring to enahnce reliability and production in PV plants
    • On-line smart meter data analysis and forecasting 
    • Demand-response management in microgrids
  • Environmental monitoring
    • SmartEnv: a real-time monitoring system with quality guarantees
    • Disruption-tolerant underwater sensor monitoring
IoT-based services, wireless sensor networks, and mobile networks
IoT, big data analysis, adaptive algorithms, AI, statistical models

​​ ​​

  • Embedded intelligence in low-power devices

  • Scalable and adaptable model-based monitoring for large areas
  • Detecting and tracking dynamic clustering
  • SAF: on-line model-based querying system
  • Scalable data management in vehicular networks
  • Automatic on-line fault-detection and analysis
  • Time-estimation in low-power wireless networks
Secure and large-scale distributed systems
Distributed protocols, intrusion-tolerance, coordinated malicious attacks, distributed data repository, quorum techniques, crypto techniques 


  • Security in industrial wireless systems
  • Secure and scalable fine-grained timestamping system
  • Fleet: highly scalable and secure distributed data repository
  • Scalable distributed data sharing  resilient to coordinated malicious attacks
  • IoT port security 
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